Can EMDR Be Done Online?

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyOnline Therapy

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed right now. Whether you are afraid of the virus, or you are worried about economic uncertainty, the COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching consequences on our mental health. With more people struggling, therapists are figuring out how to deliver therapy in an online format. Before the pandemic started, I had not thought about practicing EMDR online … Read More

How to Help Your Teen Create a Summer Sleep Schedule

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyTeen Therapy

Summer months can bring a change in routine for many teens and their families. With the pandemic, this shift in schedule has lasted months. Many teens are going to bed later and sleeping later. With no reason to be up in the morning, teens are pushing their wake-up time late into the morning or to the afternoon. As a parent, … Read More

Coping with Health Anxiety During an Outbreak

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyAnxiety

With all the talk about the virus, it’s hard not to feel worried. In fact, it’s important to be cautious so we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. But, if you are someone who deals with health anxiety, being cautious can lead to hypervigilance and obsession about illness, symptoms, and health. If you are finding that you are preoccupied … Read More

How to Build Resilience During Tough Times

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyEMDR

An important question that I am asking my clients right now is: How are you coping with everything going on? This is an emotional and anxiety-filled time and many of us are experiencing higher levels of stress. The pandemic coupled with nationwide unrest is causing a lot of distress. What is important to notice is how we deal with these … Read More

4 Reasons You Can’t Sleep Right Now and What You Can Do About It

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyInsomnia

Sleep during the pandemic is a topic that seems to be coming up a lot. While some people are sleeping better since COVID-19 started, many more are struggling with insomnia symptoms. Here are some of the reasons why you might be having a hard time sleeping right now. And with a few small changes, you can improve your sleep. Your … Read More

How to Get Therapy When You’re Stuck at Home

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyOnline Therapy

Ok, so the world has changed. A lot. We all have higher anxiety, more sleepless nights and many of us are googling things that hardly put our mind at ease. We have been staying at home for a while now and we don’t know when it’s going to end. With all of the uncertainty in the world, it is clear … Read More

4 Tips for Managing Coronavirus Stress

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyAnxiety

Anxiety and stress about the coronavirus are already taking a toll on our mental health. Feelings of isolation, worry about finances and fears about the state of the world are at all all-time high. As things around us feel more uncertain, here are a few stress relief tips that can help you stay on top of your mental health and … Read More

Why your FitBit is making your sleep worse

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyInsomnia

Wearable sleep tracking devices are ubiquitous these days. As a therapist who focuses on sleep, I often have clients show me their FitBit data and how much “deep sleep” and REM they are getting. This is something that will bring clients to my office in the first place. One of the first recommendations I make is to stop wearing the … Read More

Chronic Pain and Your Brain

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyEMDR

In my practice, I find that many of the people I work with may not be completely aware of how powerful the mind can be. Particularly when we experience any physical pain, our first thought is often what medication to take or what can a doctor do to fix this quickly.  Pain-killers or injections tend to be the first stop … Read More

Mind/Body Connection: How The Brain Affects Our Health

DC Metro Sleep and PsychotherapyAnxiety

Most of us don’t pay much attention to the way our thoughts impact us on a daily basis. We go about our day and let our minds run, not even noticing what our mind is actually doing. Though, for many of us, the way our brain functions impacts how our body feels in a profound way. Medicine has evolved in … Read More