How We Can Help You

Are you having trouble falling or staying asleep? Are you replaying painful memories in your mind? Have you tried everything to alleviate your pain? If you or your teen want to improve your sleep, get rid of negative thoughts, or get out of pain, our practice can help using evidence-based techniques like EMDR (eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing), CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), PRT (pain reprocessing therapy) and other brain-based approaches. Even if you have tried therapy before and it hasn’t worked, we can help. In our practice, we help teenagers and adults work through insomnia, chronic pain, trauma, and anxiety.

If you have a busy schedule, working on yourself can get put off for months or even years. You may even feel like you are not worth prioritizing. Reaching out to a therapist can be difficult, but it is the first step toward getting better. Please contact us for a free phone consultation to determine if we will be a good fit.


I’ve worked with Annie in our integrative practice at Restorative Health for the last 4 years. I have had the good fortune in my 25 years of medical practice to work with several gifted psychotherapists. Annie tops the list not only because of her training and multifaceted expertise but she has a gentle presence, a caring and supportive manner, and gets amazing results with our patients. We have certainly been very fortunate to have Annie as a part of our practice.

A. Safayan MD

I was recently referred to Annie Miller by another therapist for CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia). When I called Annie, I was in the middle of the worst bout of insomnia I’ve ever experienced, trying to function on only a couple of hours of sleep per night for several days at a time and in a bad mental state (described as hanging on by a thread by my other therapist). Annie took the time to soothe my nerves on that first call, explain how CBT-i works, and assure me that it works and that everything would soon be better. We met biweekly for about two months. It was a lifesaving experience. Annie completely changed my relationship with sleep – a lifelong dysfunctional relationship. I’m now sleeping confidently and soundly without the help of Ambien. Annie is both compassionate and skilled, and I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from insomnia.

Client (Unsolicited)