How Therapy Can Help Chronic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

When most people think of chronic pain, they focus on physical treatment. We seek out doctors who can prescribe medications or do procedures. Those options can be really helpful, and different treatments and pain-management methods can make a big difference in how you feel.  But it’s important not to overlook the mind-body connection when it comes to chronic pain. In … Read More

3 “Harmless” Habits That Cause Insomnia

Annie MillerInsomnia

Insomnia and poor sleep are impacting many people right now. Tossing and turning occasionally is very normal, especially after the last year. But chronic insomnia can take a toll. Insomnia can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression and reduce your overall quality of life.  When we experience trouble sleeping, we are often told to try to go to bed … Read More

4 Ways to Calm an Active Mind

Annie MillerAnxiety

Do you feel like your mind is always “running”? Maybe you wish there were some kind of “off” switch you could push on occasion, just to find some peace and relax.  An active mind is not always a bad thing. But it can be exhausting and overwhelming when it takes over. When that happens, and you feel you can’t control … Read More

3 Breathing Exercises You Can Try for Anxiety

Annie MillerAnxiety

Our bodies are amazing. They pay attention and respond instinctively to everything around us, even when we’re not aware of it. As the body takes in physical sensations, it also sends them as messages to the brain, which can affect our emotions and mood. Our body automatically responds to stress and anxiety through the fight-or-flight system. When this happens, automatic … Read More

Why It’s Important to Stop Worrying About Your Sleep

Annie MillerInsomnia

Do you find yourself often awake in the middle of the night, staring at the clock at 2:00 a.m., wondering if you will be able to fall asleep again? Or perhaps it takes you hours to fall asleep. Maybe it is at the point that you almost dread going to bed. You are tired of wrestling with your pillow and … Read More

Can Anxiety Cause Physical Problems?

Annie MillerAnxiety

The human body and brain are amazingly, intricately linked. What happens in the brain directly impacts the body. The same is true in the opposite direction. Essentially, the body and brain work in a constant feedback loop to regulate both mood and physical state. This interwoven reality of the body and brain is often forgotten, however, in treating mental health … Read More

How Can Trauma Impact Your Sleep?

Annie MillerInsomnia

Sleep disruption is one of the most common symptoms of trauma. This is true whether your trauma was due to physical violence, childhood neglect or abuse, sexual assault, a medical condition, or if your symptoms are due to chronic stress. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder and it is estimated that up to one-third of adults experience insomnia. In … Read More

3 Reasons Why People with Anxiety Might Avoid Getting Therapy

Annie MillerAnxiety

When people think of mental illness, therapy often comes to mind. This association makes sense — if you have mental health issues, therapy can be an effective treatment. But what happens when you’re struggling with mental health problems, but question whether or not therapy will work? What if you put off getting therapy out of fear? In reality, many people … Read More

How Online EMDR Therapy Works and How It Helps with Trauma

Annie MillerEMDR

It’s never easy to cope with trauma. Many people struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, fear, or panic when they think about their trauma, and it can be incredibly debilitating. There are various ways to work through and treat trauma, and research shows that many types of therapy are effective in treating symptoms of trauma and PTSD. Over the years, … Read More