Top 3 reasons to try EMDR Therapy Online

EMDR therapy is a technique that was developed to help people recover after trauma. By using
eye movements or other bilateral stimulation (or back-and-forth movements), while thinking
about something distressing, our experience of the trauma shifts. EMDR therapy is now widely
used and is an evidence-based treatment for PTSD and other conditions.

Research shows that EMDR can lessen the impact of symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, and
traumatic memories. EMDR therapy has also been used to treat anxiety-related conditions like
OCD and phobias. In contrast to other therapies, EMDR focuses directly on traumatic
memories, or future anxieties and is intended to change the way the memory is stored in the
brain. Listed below are the top three reasons patient should consider EMDR online therapy to
help treat their PTSD and other symptoms.

1. Patients are in their home environment and in a setting that is comfortable and soothing.

Commuting to a therapist’s office can be anxiety-provoking for some. When experiencing
symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health issues, easing the burden of accessibility
is essential. Therapists must also ensure clients’ safety, as trauma processing can be intense.
While online EMDR does pose challenges, therapists are finding the best practices to allow for
virtual EMDR to be safe and effective.

2. EMDR can help reduce anxiety, depression, and fear of the unknown in those hospitalized with COVID-19.

“EMDR is a focused approach that with as few as 4 sessions can strengthen adaptive coping
strategies for dealing with an ongoing situation, restore optimism and can rapidly prevent the
onset of potentially long-lasting psychological disorders.”

3. EMDR therapy helps trauma survivors reframe the way their brain processes distressing memories.

While a flashback may have once caused panic, EMDR can help you shift this reaction. Not only
does EMDR help you reframe traumatic memories, but it also helps you move forward with a
sense of calm and control.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way therapy sessions are provided. EMDR sessions
have been successful on online platforms, and therapists will only continue to improve their
practices. While many people worried that therapy would be less available because of the
pandemic, the opposite is true. Therapy is more accessible than ever before, and online EMDR
therapy is both effective and successful.

Getting Started

You don’t have to go through life trying to escape your distressing memories. EMDR therapy
can help you reframe these memories and find relief in your life. Though the pandemic has
shifted many things, your access to therapy has only improved. Consider online EMDR therapy to
ease your trauma and distressing memories. Learn more about EMDR therapy here and contact
 for a consultation call.

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