Annie Miller

I was recently referred to Annie Miller by another therapist for CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia). When I called Annie, I was in the middle of the worst bout of insomnia I’ve ever experienced, trying to function on only a couple of hours of sleep per night for several days at a time and in a bad mental state (described as hanging on by a thread by my other therapist). Annie took the time to soothe my nerves on that first call, explain how CBT-i works, and assure me that it works and that everything would soon be better. We met biweekly for about two months. It was a lifesaving experience. Annie completely changed my relationship with sleep – a lifelong dysfunctional relationship. I’m now sleeping confidently and soundly without the help of Ambien. Annie is both compassionate and skilled, and I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from insomnia.