Specialties & Services

In my practice, I offer adolescent and adult psychotherapy. I am trained in psychodynamic and relational talk therapy, EMDR, CBT-i and brain-based approaches. I have experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, sleep disorders, chronic pain and medical diagnoses. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions about the services I provide.

My Specialties

    • Anxiety

      You are preoccupied with worries or experience agitation, irritability or restlessness.

    • Depression

      You are experiencing a loss of interest in activities, difficulty concentrating, diminished energy or lack of motivation.

    • Adolescent Mental Health

      You are a teen or parent of a teen with emotional or social issues .

    • Trauma & PTSD

      You are experiencing an overwhelming emotional response to a distressing event or reliving traumatic memories.

    • Insomnia

      You are experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep, you have unhealthy sleep habits or you’re preoccupied with nighttime worries.

    • Relationship Issues

      You are having trouble in your relationships with your spouse, children, family members or friends.

    • Chronic Pain & Illness

      You are living with chronic pain or you are trying to cope with a recent medical diagnosis.

Services Offered

    • Individual Therapy

      Can help you explore feelings, behaviors, moods and relationships.

    • Family Therapy

      Can help you work on building a healthier family life and creating more meaningful relationships.

    • Adolescent Therapy

      Can help manage the difficulties of school, family and developmental challenges of adolescence.

    • EMDR

      Can help you let go of traumatic memories and spend more time in the present.

    • CBT-i

      can help treat insomnia without medication through cognitive and behavioral interventions.

Contact Annie

I have offices in Tenleytown, DC and Chevy Chase, MD.