About Bekah Sperry

I am truly grateful to walk alongside you as you start your path toward healing. I am a therapist working at the Master’s level in Maryland (LMSW), the District of Columbia (LGSW), and Virginia (LMSW).

What I Do Best

I see myself as someone who has a natural gift for empathy and acceptance. I want to help you work through issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. I also enjoy working with clients navigating life transitions.

I implement a variety of different techniques, adjusting treatment to best meet the needs of each specific client. I have found there to be huge benefits to clients who can take time to truly look at themselves. I provide evidence-based therapies and am pleased to be offering CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia) and PRT (pain reprocessing therapy). I also have experience in CGT (complicated grief therapy) and motivational interviewing.

How I Got Here

My passion for mental health arose after seeing members of my family struggle with mental illness. I was able to see how much therapy changed their lives and I knew I wanted to work in this field. Becoming a therapist is something I easily gravitated towards, and I earned a Bachelor of Psychology degree from Brigham Young University and my first career out of college was in marketing and human resources. After having my first child, I knew it was time for me to devote my time and energy to a career that I was truly passionate about, and I decided to return to school for a Master’s degree.

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My Career

I completed a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) from Columbia University. I began my social work career at the department of children and family services in Boston. From there, I worked with Veterans at a VA hospital, where I provided short-term therapy in Primary Care Behavioral Health. At the VA, I was trained to provide therapy to clients struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma. It was there that I was also introduced to evidence-based therapies for sleep disorders and chronic pain and became fascinated with the power of the human brain.

Most recently I have worked with adolescents and adults at a non-profit organization, where I provided mental health services to community members struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and other concerns. I have also completed training in both CBT-i, as well as PRT and I am honored to work with clients who are confronting issues like insomnia and chronic pain.

The Fun Stuff

I grew up in the DC metro area, and although I relocated to northern Virginia, I will always be a Marylander. When I’m not working, I can be found chasing around my 3 young children with my husband. I also enjoy trying to stay active, arranging flowers, and traveling to new places.