Why a “Quick-Fix” Mentality can be Harmful

Annie MillerChronic Pain

As human beings, we often seek out fast solutions to our problems. We want to feel better as soon as possible, whether it’s by taking a pill or indulging in some other form of instant gratification. However, the quick-fix mentality can actually be counterproductive. Our brains are always changing and growing, in response to our thoughts and behaviors, and if … Read More

Why Your Fear of Pain Might be Causing More Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

Living with chronic pain can be a challenging and frustrating experience. It can impact every aspect of your life, from your ability to work, your social relationships, and even your mental health. One of the most challenging aspects of living with pain is the fear that comes along with it. When we experience pain, our natural instinct is to try … Read More

How Learning a New Activity Can Help with Chronic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

Learning a new skill or activity is a great way to develop resilience in your brain and help reduce the impact of chronic pain. This can be anything from learning a new language, taking up a physical activity, or even exploring new technology. Firstly, when you engage in a new activity, you challenge your brain to learn and process new … Read More

The Lasting Impact of Childhood Trauma: Understanding the Connection to Chronic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

Childhood trauma can have a lasting impact on an individual’s physical and mental well-being. When we talk about trauma, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a terrible event happened. Trauma can be repeated feelings of neglect or criticism, for instance. While an array of symptoms may come up later in life because of early trauma, let’s look specifically at the link … Read More

Breaking the Cycle: Understanding and Challenging the Negativity Bias

Annie MillerAnxiety

Negativity bias refers to the phenomenon where negative events or information have a greater impact on an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior than neutral or positive events. Negative experiences feel like they are seared into our memory while the positive ones don’t seem to stick around/ This bias is thought to have evolved as a survival mechanism, as it helped … Read More

How to Deal with Chronic Pain Over the Holidays

Annie MillerChronic Pain

The holidays can be both a wonderful and difficult time of the year. You might feel overwhelmed with the extra obligations and time with others, particularly if you are dealing with chronic pain. Here are a few tools to help you navigate this holiday season if chronic pain is part of your life. Practice setting boundaries Having a hard time … Read More

Top 3 Tips for Coping with Anxiety

Annie MillerAnxiety

When anxiety is a part of your everyday life, it’s easy to live with it and try to ignore its impact. With high-functioning anxiety, you still fulfill your responsibilities, get through the day, and even exceed your goals. Though you’re coping with your anxiety, it’s still adding stress and may be contributing to physical symptoms as well. If you struggle … Read More

How the Brain Holds onto Fear: Using EMDR Therapy to Let Go

Annie MillerEMDR

As humans, it is easy to remember experiences that scare us. Our brains are built to search for threats and warn us about potential danger. When our bodies feel fear, the amygdala is the part of the brain that is responsible for alerting us to any potential threats. Research shows that during a traumatic event, our brain has enhanced recollections, … Read More

How to Setup your Bedroom for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Annie MillerInsomnia

Almost 50% of adults report occasional sleep problems and 1 in 10 experiences ongoing, chronic insomnia that can sometimes last for years (1). Insomnia can develop for a variety of reasons. The good news is, with the support of an insomnia therapist, you can learn techniques to get a better night’s sleep. As sleep science has evolved, the emphasis has shifted … Read More