Understanding Stress, Cortisol, and Chronic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

Chronic pain is a complex and often misunderstood phenomenon, one that many struggle with daily. While it’s common to think of pain as a purely physical issue, pain neuroscience research suggests that our brains play a significant role in the experience of pain. This connection between the brain and pain is profound, with stress, anxiety, and a history of trauma … Read More

Your Guide to Ditching Sleep Medications Safely

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Are you thinking about stopping your sleep medications and embracing more natural sleep habits? Transitioning off sleep meds can lead to healthier, more restorative sleep in the long run. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you navigate this process. Check with Your Doctor First things first, always check with your prescribing doctor before making any changes to your medication regimen. … Read More

How Addressing Suppressed Anger Can Transform Chronic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

Living with chronic pain entails more than just managing physical symptoms—it involves navigating the relationship between emotions and pain perception. While pain treatment often focuses on the physical aspects of chronic pain, emerging research highlights the significant role of suppressed emotions, particularly anger, in exacerbating pain symptoms. Impact of Suppressed Emotions If you have chronic pain, you may have learned … Read More

Hypnic Jerks: What Are They and How They Affect Your Sleep

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Have you ever been on the verge of falling asleep, only to be suddenly jolted awake by a muscle twitch or sensation of falling? Or perhaps you’ve noticed your partner experiencing these twitches during sleep, leaving you curious about their significance. If so, you’re not alone. These involuntary muscle contractions, known as hypnic jerks, are a common occurrence during the … Read More

Finding Your Sleep Sweet Spot: How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

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Do you often wonder how much sleep you truly need? It’s a question many of us grapple with, and the answer may not be as straightforward as we think. It’s important to consider: how much sleep do you need for what? Indeed, the amount of sleep required just to stay awake throughout the day may differ from what’s needed for … Read More

Understanding Alexithymia and How It Influences Chronic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

Have you ever found it challenging to recognize and feel your emotions? If so, you’re not alone. Alexithymia, a condition marked by difficulty identifying and expressing emotions, affects a significant portion of the population. This inability to connect with your emotional experience can have far-reaching implications beyond emotional intelligence—it can also influence how we experience chronic pain. Pain neuroscience has … Read More

Separating Fact from Fiction: 5 Myths About the Brain and Chronic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

If you live with chronic pain, you know it can feel like navigating a never-ending maze of discomfort, frustration, and uncertainty. Whether it’s persistent back pain, migraines, or fibromyalgia, chronic pain can impact your quality of life and overall well-being. However, amidst the challenges of chronic pain lies truth you may not be aware of: the brain plays a pivotal … Read More

Exploring Why You Are Still Tired, Even After a Good Night’s Sleep

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Have you ever woken up after what should have been a restful night’s sleep, only to find yourself still feeling exhausted? It’s a frustrating experience that many face, and the reasons behind it can be complex. Despite our best efforts to prioritize sleep, the reality is that fatigue can persist even when we give ourselves adequate time in bed. While … Read More

Is Chronic Pain All in Your Head? The Truth About Neuroplastic Pain

Annie MillerChronic Pain

Chronic pain is an affliction that impacts millions of individuals around the world daily. Yet, despite its prevalence, chronic pain often remains misunderstood and stigmatized. One of the reasons behind this misunderstanding is the resistance to consider the brain’s significant role in chronic pain. Many people find it hard to fathom that chronic pain can be intricately tied to the … Read More

How Trauma in One Generation Can Impact Sleep in the Next

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Trauma is a powerful force that can leave a lasting imprint on individuals, affecting not only their mental and emotional well-being but also their physical health, including sleep patterns. What’s often overlooked is the potential for these traumatic effects to transcend generations, impacting the sleep of children and grandchildren. Let’s explore how trauma can alter the brain and nervous system, … Read More